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From "Ortwin Glück" <>
Subject [HttpClient] [Patch] Proxies and SSL
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 15:11:26 GMT
This patch contains the following changes:

- Proxy Authentication
- SSL tunneling through proxies (ConnectMethod)
- free choice of the SSLSocketFactory
- setting SO_TIMEOUT from HttpClient
- POST method accepts InputStream as body
- POST and PUT do not follow redirects by default
- GetMethod: doc

Note that HttpMultiClient was not touched.
Testing was done with one of our applications that uses HttpClient 
against an authencticating proxy using SSL (SSLava). Still all the 
Webapp tests need to be modified so that one can specify if to run them 
through a proxy or not.

Evert: This patch contains the patch that I sent you three weeks ago, so 
this patch will conflict with the one you supplied earlier but was only 
partly committed.

I attach a patch file along with a newly added source file. Since I have 
no commit rights I can not add a file myself. I tried to keep the diff 
as clean as possible.


Ortwin Glück aka Odi

  NOSE applied intelligence ag      [perspectix-nose digital b.i]
  ortwin glück                      [email]
  hardturmstrasse 171               [office]      +41-1-277 57 35
  8005 zurich                       [fax]         +41-1-277 57 12

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