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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: [SUBMIT] [jelly] tag library for prompting users for information
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 03:49:02 GMT
I've included a test jelly script.  You can test it normally using
Windows, etc. but currently the only easy way to test the console
version of things is to have Linux or something and run it on non-X mode
like runlevel 3 or something.

I would like to integrate an override switch for forced-console mode,
however...I'll look into that tomorrow first thing.

Also, I'd like to take a second and mention a couple of features I
forgot about until now:

- Option on the property-sheet to store results to file.
- Option to provide for automation of otherwise
interactive executions, so that default values are automatically used
instead of prompting and waiting forever.

Anyway, here's the test script that I used...see what you think.


On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 17:46, Stéphane MOR wrote:
> John Casey wrote:
> >I submitted this once before to the maven-dev list, since I saw more
> >Jelly traffic on that than on commons-dev, but here goes again...
> >
> Hi John !
> Last time you posted that, you forgot the sources ! :-)
> As I started something identical that on my side, I simply finished it 
> and put it in
> the org.apache.commons.jelly.interaction package.
> >I'm attaching the source code for an interaction tag library, that will
> >prompt the user for input and save the result to a variable...
> >
> By now, there is only an AskTag that asks the user a question, and sets 
> the value
> to a variable (like yours), which is the basic thing that I would expect 
> from an Interaction thing !
> >Additional features include:
> >
> >- input types: text, password, boolean, numeric text, and drop-down list
> >(comma-separated default value supplied)
> >
> I like those ideas, the password is something that we could need, and 
> the boolean value
> is essential in interactive scripts.
> I thought about a ChoiceTag, which must be the same as you drop-down 
> list, even if
> I can't see how my console would show me that drop-down list ...
> >- auto-detection of GUI-enabled JVM's; console display for otherwise
> >
> Cool !
> If my JVM is GUI-enabled and if I don't want any GUI, do I have a way to
> disable it somehow ?
> >- solid domain object model backing tags, to promote extensibility and
> >reimplementation into Ant task
> >
> hmmm, I need more infos there, I should find that in the sources :-)
> >The source files here are [mostly] well-documented.  I'm posting them
> >here with the hope that they will be integrated into the Jelly project,
> >so that I can maintain them as a standard part of the Jelly tool.
> >
> I'd love to help you to integrate that, as I feel that it's something 
> that can be very
> valuable.
> Cheers,
> Stéphane
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