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Subject RE: [lang] Unit test coding conventions?
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 13:18:41 GMT

>> Still, don't you find it annoying that the first case could fail, that
>> fix it and on the subsequent test run another case fails? If you have a
>> method per case, you see *all* failures at once. This gives you better
>> insight on what you have to do to fix the set of failures instead of
>> focusing on one case at the time. More than once, I gained time having a
>> test method per case setup.
> Possibly. Seems a rather heavy setup. Could have hundreds of 
> methods per test class.

Do you call it a heavy setup because you end up having a lot of test
methods? I prefer this type of setup since each method becomes more
light-weight. :)
If I write code, I try to keep every method body under 15 lines of code.
When I end up with a larger method body, I refactor.


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