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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [latka][jelly] commons-vfs?
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 14:52:33 GMT
From: "Jeff Turner" <>
> Hi,
> Just a random thought,
> Imagine if we had, as a Commons project, a Virtual Filesystem (VFS)
> abstraction layer.
> Then we could have a HTTP backend to the VFS, providing a concrete API
> for navigating a URI space. One could traverse a website just like a
> filesystem, and each 'node' would be a HTTP resource, with properties
> like 'Content-Type' (ie HTTP headers). Exactly how to explore a URI
> space to build up a VFS is an open question, but imagine lazily
> evaluating spidering engines, or exploiting Cocoon's "link view" system,
> where if '?cocoon-view=links' is appended to a URL, a list of page links
> is returned.
> That would be a nifty little project on it's own, and would provide a
> nice intuitive interface to HTTPClient.
> I'd then like to layer on top of this, engines like Myrmidon (Ant2
> proposal) and Jelly. So one could traverse a VFS with XPath-like tags,
> <forEach> expressions, create <v-fileset>s of URIs, etc.
> Then this would provide a marvellous base for functional testing tools
> like Latka and Anteater:
>  - It would no longer matter if what's being validated is from a local
>    filesystem, or retrieved via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, LDAP, database, etc.
>  - We could write 'spidering' tests, like "validate that all files in
>    this website conform to the HTML 4.0 DTD", or "ensure no links are
>    broken". This type of test could massively increase the value-add
>    of functional testing tools.

OK so now we've got the first cut of VFS as a commons component, how would
you see this working inside Ant/Jelly/Latka/Anteater?

The way the iteration works in Jelly is to define a <fileset> then iterate
over it. e.g.

<j:jelly xmlns:j="jelly:core" xmlns="jelly:ant">

    <!-- create a scanner -->
    <fileScanner var="scanner">
        <!-- define some regular Ant style filesets -->
        <fileset dir="src/test" includes="**/*.jelly"/>

    <!-- now iterate through the files -->
    <j:forEach var="file" items="${scanner.iterator()}">
        <!-- process the file in some way-->
        Found ${file.absolutePath}


So maybe we need some way to define a VFS fileSet and work in a similar way?
Then we can iterate over the set, do set unions, manipulations etc. The
XPath-like language you mention, I guess we could use that to define
include/exclude patterns as an alternative to the Ant ones.



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