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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject RE: [lang] Avalon.Excalibur.Util.system
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 14:38:34 GMT
> From: Henri Yandell [] 
> One of the pieces of Avalon code submitted to Jakarta Commons 
> was the util.system package of the Excalibur sub-project.
> Simply stated, the system sub-package is hidden behind a 
> SystemUtil class. It allows extra information about a JVM's 
> system to be accessed,
> currently:
> cpuInfo, architecture name, operating system, os version.

Number of CPUs

> The static Util class hides a series of os specific plugin 
> classes [of type CPUParser].
> It was suggested that the system classes might go into the 
> Lang project, due to their being effectively additional 
> functionality to the java.lang.System class.
> I'd like to -1 that for the following reasons:
> 1) The system package is platform dependent, ie) it's only as 
> good as the platforms it covers. Currently this is Windows 
> platforms and Linux. OS 9/X and the various Unixes don't 
> appear to be covered.

That can be fixed with the addition of CPUParser implementations
for each new platform that needs to be supported.

> 2) The functionality it provides is relatively small, more 
> for display purposes it seems than actual logic, though I 
> could it being a standardised way in which to have different 
> logic happen on Linux with KDE, or different threading 
> strategy if it is known that the machine has 8 cpus.

Right.  The main purpose is to allow the user to find out how
many CPUs exist.  The extra formatting is for user feedback if
a system needs it.

> 3) The occasions when this information would be needed seems 
> to not be that common. Most of the components in Lang are 
> applicable in many situations, whereas this would be quite a 
> speciality piece.
> My suggestion is that this piece might be best placed as a 
> part of the Util subproject, unless a lot of work on it 
> happens and it grows in size, in which case it could be its 
> own sub-project.

Where would it go?

> So I'm -1 towards System in Lang.
> What is this code used for in Avalon??

It is used for determining the number of processors available
on a machine.  This allows automatic tuning of the Thread Pools
used in the Event package's CommandManager.  The CommandManager
allows you to use a finite number of background threads to execute
processes asyncronously in your system.  It is more robust than
JDK 1.3+ java.util.Timer in that it can handle exceptions without
killing the system.

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