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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject [Lang] So far and Still to do for release 1.0
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 20:48:56 GMT
Quick summary of where the code is in Lang at the moment.

Classes -
- will remain in Sandbox when promotion occurs, due to issues over

Constant -
- fate to be decided. Does it stay, go, or be replaced by enum classes

NumberRange -
- haven't looked at it

Numbers -
- now tested and tidied
- extra methods could be added
- possible release candidate

Objects -
- now tested and tidied
- possible release candidate

RandomStrings -
- now separated from Strings and tested
- possible release candidate

Serialization -
- tested
- possible release candidate

Strings -
- methods grouped into functional areas (ie. all the case conversion methods
are together).
- about 40% of the javadoc improvement has been done
- testing done for about 25% of the class
- null handling done for some but not all methods
- CharSet stuff not broken out

Other issues:
Licence - The licence file used on most files references Apache Turbine, but
not Commons. Suggest using a commons specific licence. (For patterns I think
I borrowed one from Betwixt)

Naming conventions - We haven't discussed this yet  ;-)

Back burner:
HashCode Builder routines
System (CPU/OS) package

I am away this weekend ;-) I would suggest that the CharSet breakout,
Strings tests and javadoc are the main tasks left.


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