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From "David Morris" <>
Subject [pool] Empty pools that never grow
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 20:52:32 GMT
While playing around with the generic pool implementation, I tried what

seemed intuitive and found that I would deadlock my system every time.

What I did was set up a GenericObjectPool with maxactive = -1. The 
javadoc says this will give me an unlimited number of instances. It may

but it ends up waiting forever if you do not set when exhausted to

The comment for when exhausted says that grow removes the maxactive 
limit. Another thing I found is no convenience constructor for an
growth pool. Is that a really bad idea? If it would be helpful I could
a patch that clears up some of the ambiguity in the comments and 
possibly adds a convenience constructor for an growth with no max
or time limit since it appears these are ignored anyway?


David Morris

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