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Subject RE: [commons-logging] New services API
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 16:40:03 GMT
On Wed, 26 Jun 2002 wrote:

> Services is a noun, discovery is a verb...  Agree that I've got a
> collision.  Also agree that services is overloaded.  I'm going to create
> the 'discovery' tree in the sandbox, rename the package to 'org.apache.
> commons.service.discovery', and keep my class names as-is.  We can
> straighten any remaining concerns out in the sandbox.

What about org.apache.commons.discovery ?

Sandbox is fine, if you want to - but it would be good to have it 
stable and 1.0 soon, so we can start trying to get the various 
projects duplicating this functionality to eventually share it.
Most cut&paste the code, but there are variations and class loader
issues, it would be much simpler to have a consistent impl.


> I'd also advocate that the existing (more heavy-weight/configurable)
> service package be renamed to 'org.apache.commons.service.manager'.  Olag,
> what do you think?
> >I think making commons-logging depend on it would need a 1.1 release, with
> >release notes that prominently highlighted the new dependency.  And that
> >would need to wait for a 1.0 release of the discovery thingie.
> >You can put the code into the sandbox without a vote (I'll make sure you
> >have appropriate karma - every Jakarta committer gets that if they want
> >it).  You can add me as a maintainer on your status file.  To get into
> >commons proper, though, it'll need a formal vote.  I'd suggest doing the
> >grunt work in the sandbox first.
> >Craig

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