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From "Michael A. Smith" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH} for jakarta site2, adding the new commons-user list.
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 20:06:23 GMT
On 22 Jun 2002, Martin van den Bemt wrote:
> > cool.  Should the commons-user list be considered "medium" traffic?  I'm 
> > sure it might get to that point eventually, but I wouldn't consider the 
> > user traffic that has existed on commons-dev to be medium.  Most of the 
> > traffic here on commons-dev is real -dev traffic.  The amount of 
> > "user" messages just doesn't seem to be "medium" to me. 
> We scare users away with this list ;). I was about to type No Traffic,
> since there is no traffic yet, but yeah.. it is more likely to end up as
> medium than as low traffic.. Let's wait for a couple of weeks and we can
> always change it back, if I overestimated it..

sounds fine to me...  I was just thinking we should start at low traffic 
and upgrade to medium if warranted, rather than starting at medium, but 
I don't care that much.  :)

> > > If I can do it myself, please let me know..
> > 
> > you would need karma on jakarta-site2, which it looks like you don't
> > have.  I don't have it either though.
> I don't have any karma for that, the only server I can login into is

same here, but what I meant was karma for the jakarta-site2 cvs module, 
not for actually deploying to the site.  


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