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Subject Re: unmavenising Commons projects
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 02:27:55 GMT
On 21 Jun 2002, John McNally wrote:

> > The goal of commons is to create software that is shared ( in both 
> > development and use ) by jakarata projects, and I think it is against
> > the goals of jakarta-commons to create this kind of fragmentation
> > in the build system. Ant is the common standard for all jakarta projects.
> Is there a set of targets that should be required as well?  Or is it
> enough that the default target at least give a usable jar?  

I think that's prefectly fine - the jar is what matters and most people

At least in commons it shouldn't be too difficult - except maybe the
jdbc connection pool where special things are needed. 

> If a component uses some other system to generate documentation is it
> required that that same functionality be present as an ant target?
> I presume a component should be able to require the optional tasks, is
> there any subset of targets that should not be allowed to require it.

As long as someone can build the jar using plain ant and a buid.xml from 
CVS - it's fine. 

> > If you also want a maven, centipede, Makefiles/configure or whatever
> > else - fine, but removing the ant build is wrong IMHO.
> > If a project can't easily build a commons component - it's likley
> > it'll not use it. 
> Is the proposal by Jason viable? That components be allowed to generate
> an ant based build.xml (and commit it to cvs)?  Or would you not use a
> component in which the normal process was not to edit the build.xml
> directly?

If the build.xml is commited in CVS - I don't see any problem with that.
I don't care how the build.xml was generated.

Please don't missunderstand me - I have no problem with Maven, and I would
be +1 if someone would contribute a maven-based ( or centipede-based ) 
build file for tomcat or other projects. 

I have a problem with forcing people to use Maven ( or any other similar
tool ), at least for tasks where ant can do a perfectly fine job, 
and compiling some java to a jar is one of them. 

Especially in commons - where the goal is to have the components shared 
and co-developed by all jakarta.


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