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From "Michael A. Smith" <>
Subject Re: [Reflect] Summary of points and relationship with BeanUtils
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 03:47:01 GMT
On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
> > btw, I'd prefer if this reflection stuff was in a package other than
> > lang.  When I think of the "lang" package, I think of stuff like
> > "Strings", "Integers", etc.  "Predicate" "Closure" and "Factory"
> > probably apply there as well.  Essentially, the most basic of basic
> > coding stuff that just plainly doesn't exist in the java APIs.  Any type
> > of layer over reflection/introspection is a layer above what I view
> > "lang" to be
> >
> > Then again, I'm probably missing something my not digesting all of the
> > thread first...
> >
> My only concern is one that was recently expressed about BeanUtils (which,
> I agree, is primarily focused on JavaBean properties) -- it sounds like
> [lang] runs the risk of bloat and lack of focus also.  I'd personally
> rather see small, tightly focused packages for "introspect" and "reflect"
> (and probably some of the other stuff in mind for lang) that can be
> released independently as needed, since the scope of those concepts is
> pretty clear.  Chartering a package for "everything that ought to be in
> the standard Java APIs but is not" doesn't seem quite so clear and concise
> .. :-)

ah, but I didn't say "everything that ought to be in the standard Java
APIs but is not."  Even paraphrasing, you left off the important part:  
"the most basic of basic coding stuff".   :)

Oh, and when I said "in a package other than lang" I meant "another 
component other than lang".  

Although re-reading that now, it certainly doesn't convey the meaning I 
was trying for.  Put another way, I believe lang should be scoped to 
deal with basic manipulating of core java types (primitive and those in 
the lang package).  I certainly can understand that is still vague and 
could still lead to bloat, but let me assure you I don't want to see 
that either!


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