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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject RE: [lang] New feature: Close method for Objects
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 05:08:43 GMT

> The idea is simply to free the developer from the try/catch
> ignored-exception construct (which usually occurs when calling close()).
> If the developer were interested in dealing with the ignored exception
> in a meaningful way, this method wouldn't be appropriate.

Yeah, the decisions that need to be made are where this code would live,
and whether hiding exceptions is something that wants to be done. Normally
it's very frowned upon. But a low level code library can't be dependent on
a logging api.

> Also, I am new to all of this, could someone please explain this +1, -1
> stuff :)

+1  =  I'm in favour of this and will help.
+0  =  I'm in favour of this, but lack time to help.
-0  =  I'm against this, but don't consider myself to be blocking it.
-1  =  I'm against this and am blocking this happening.

When something is voted on, 3 +1 and no -1's are needed.

I'm probably a bit off there, different projects having different rules
etc, but it's around about the right ideas. Even when things aren't being
voted on, people tend to summarise their view on a subject with a + or -
1. The +-0 is mainly used for the official votes.


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