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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: unmavenising Commons projects
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 16:46:44 GMT

> > Maven is just another build tool. Why not use it instead of ant in the
> > end? Given the great quality of documentation that Maven has, I think it's
> This is not about using maven of Makefiles - it is about having the
> common sense of making a proposal and discussing it.

I think it's about the fact that maybe Commons should be considering a
unified build process with a bit more structure and voting behind it.

Most of the projects which use Maven to build are very new projects [last
couple of months], so as they weren't changing a build process, just
introducing a new one.

A few existing projects [email/util/net] have been changed to Maven.

> > going to be a lot easier for a cvs-user to use than ant currently is.
> > It took me ages to get to the point of having ANT_HOME defined and knowing
> > to always put junit.jar in my ant-lib directory and to get optional jar
> > etc. Maven blows that away. Let's seriously consider a Mavenised Commons.
> Let's first see Maven 1.0 released, see if jakarta projects are switching
> or not, and then do changes in commons.

Why not lead the way? Why wait to see if other projects are switching?
Maven offers far more to Commons [especially in terms of the maven:site]
than it does to other projects. When I'm using Tomcat I don't really care
about the code in side very much, when I'm using Commons I do. Commons can
get a lot from Maven, and Maven can get a lot from a large, obstinate user
like Commons.

> There are badly written build.xml files, and a lack of common conventions
> - but so far gump seems to be able to deal with each projects' style
> without asking anyone to change their build files.



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