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From bob mcwhirter <>
Subject Re: [CLI] -D a special case?
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:10:39 GMT
> When you say 'I think I'd personally turn that option off...'
> do you mean that you wouldn't provide a different parser
> implementation, or that you wouldn't provide a special case
> for handling the "-<char><name>=<value>".  I'm a bit confused
> now.

Me, personally, if I have a program that takes a


I still want getOptionValue( 'D' ) to return the single string
"foo=bar" for me to munge how I see fit.

> > If it's something I could turn off (or is off by default), then
> > sure, go for it. ;)
> I can definitely make it optional and I agree it probably
> should be.



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