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From bob mcwhirter <>
Subject Re: [CLI] Configurable Parsers
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2002 22:30:44 GMT
> This doc did state though that:
>    "Note that the GNU version of getopt will normally permit
>     options anywhere among the arguments unless the special
>     argument `--' is used. This is not what POSIX specifies;
>     it is a GNU extension."
> So strictly speaking the style of processing the current 'burst'
> method performs is not POSIX compliant.  This is the source of
> confusion over my naming the current parser, PosixParser and the
> new parser GnuParser.  Does anybody have any suggestions for names
> for these parsers?

I think I misunderstand.  Why is the current parser not POSIX
compliant?  I think we handle this, don't we:

	myapp -f -b -- -z

Where '-z' is treated not as a flag, but as a normal command-line
"left-over" argument?  If not, then I'd say this is definitely a
bug in the current bursting parser.

I don't think that by supporting "--help" we're violating POSIX,
since I think it speaks only of the two-character token "--".

Then again, I think I'm confused.


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