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From "Jack, Paul" <>
Subject RE: [Collections] Naming conventions
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 18:43:28 GMT
> Deprecating is just a way of saying its not the preferred 
> mechanism for the functionality.  It doesn't necessarily 
> mean we are going to remove them.  I'm not against deprecating
> the iterators (are there really 10?  I didn't think there were
> that many), although I would be if we were planning on removing
> them.  Maybe after a few releases of deprecation we
> could *consider* removing them and plan for removal in a 
> future release, but now is too soon.

ls *Iterator*.java | grep -c .

I think the following could probably be deprecated in favor of
a single IteratorUtils:


I'm indifferent as to whether to remove them and when; I'm happy
with them living indefinitely in a deprecated state.  I'd be cool
with removing them some day (it makes the public JavaDoc easier
to navigate) but it's not something remotely critical.

> I'm not sure we need to take a formal vote.  Everyone participating on
> the mailing list seems to agree (either implicitly by not saying
> anything or with explicit approval).  I'll commit it into CVS tonight
> and if anyone objects, they can just -1 my patch and we'll 
> see if we can
> address the reasons for the veto.

If you commit the changes, I'll start writing unit tests.

> As far as your unit test campaign goes, I'm almost done going through
> them.  I've got eight phases worked through right now, each 
> building on
> the previous.  I'm hoping to wrap them up and get them committed this
> evening.

I really hope we're not duplicating effort; for instance, I've already
written a TestList that extends the TestCollection framework (it uses
the verify() method to check against a confirmed collection, etc).  I
haven't submitted it to the mailing list because I didn't want to 
overwhelm.  Or are you just needing eight phases to make the changes
less extreme in CVS?


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