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From "Jack, Paul" <>
Subject RE: Collections
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 22:23:33 GMT
> Filtering collections, that guarantees that only objects that 
> matches an ObjectFilter (sorry, I mean Predicate) are added?

Check the latest code in CVS; there's already a PredicateUtils
that does this.  (But it is a great idea!)

> TypeFilter(Predicate), that only evaluates to true if the 
> object is of a certain type.

PredicateUtils has this too.

> (Consequently) Typed collections, that guarantees that only 
> objects of a certain type is stored?


> ReadAheadIterator - you know what I mean

Um, it completes and stores the whole iteration sequence when
it's constructed?

> Mixing Iterator - that mixes two or more Iterators either by 
> joining them or shuffling them

There's already an IteratorChain.

> Converting iterators (or is it Transformers to you?)

There's already a TransformIterator.

> Listenable collections that throws update events to listeners.


> ObjectStream (an iterator with a different contract, no more 
> objects means null, which means that you don\'t have to 
> evaluate until it is needed)

Um, I don't get it.  Could you give an example?


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