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From Ola Berg <>
Subject Re: [reflect] Method lookup
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 22:42:19 GMT
Robert writes:
>i think that it would make sense to consolidate the low level utility 
>stuff into a single component. since beanutils already has a body of 
>well-tested low level introspection operations, it would make sense to 
>consolidate them in beanutils. reflect would then focus on the higher 
>level issues and depend on beanutils for it\'s low level operations.

I disagree. BeanUtils contains some \"higher level\" mechanisms. Outfactor the good low level
stuff from BeanUtils into the reflect package, and the situation is different. Having it in
a separate package outside of the BeanUtils\' or any other\'s branch of the tree is important
(and I am not political here, it is all about separation of concerns).   

Besides, until the reflection and introspection needs of the other projects are reviewed,
no one can tell if BeanUtils\' low level mechanisms suffice for them all. That the code is
working, stable, well tested etc is not an argument for other packages to be dependent on
it, as long as it contains concepts these packages doesn\'t need. Even if we want to achieve
basically the same things, the design goals are slightly different, so refactoring of already
working code _might_ be necessary.

Third argument would be that there might be a good idea to incorporate mechanisms from other
general low level packages into it, in order to get a consistent cross-package way of doing
certain things.


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