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From Ola Berg <>
Subject [reflect][collection] Predicate - a question
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 09:59:52 GMT
Done some coding.

+1 on Dmitris suggestion org.apache.commons.reflect and org.apache.commons.reflect.introspection.
Or similar division.

Made concrete static inner classes Predicate.And Predicate.Or Predicate.Not, since I saw that
this was missing in Collection-2.0. But I suspect this is already implemented in CVS somewhere.
Is there public read-only access to the CVS for these things?

Put Predicate in lang.

Made abstract base class MethodPredicate (implements Predicate) for type assertion. Now the
question to Predicate/Collection-wizards: What\'s the deal with Predicate: if the Object input
that should be evaluated has the wrong class, do you rather throw like ClassCastException
or let the Predicate#evaluate() return false? I can see that different situations call for
different \"assertion schemes\" in that matter, what\'s the regular view on this?


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