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From Ola Berg <>
Subject [all commons] Proposal: CommonsCommons package
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2002 19:54:50 GMT
Having looked at the code of almost all commons components, I see that there is a need for
a base package that solves many generic problems, that today is solved differently within
the packages.

Candidates for such a package includes:

Transformations - generic transformations (including type conversions and the special and
often used conversion: creating Objects from Strings, which is tightly linked to a common
factory platform wich is needed both in pool and in configuration which is needed in...)

Predicate - Very useful.

Also a number of common interfaces that guarantees that the class follows a certain pattern,
like Named = all classes that has a String name property etc, which enhances reuse between
the packages.

This could also be a good spot for 1) an architectural birds view on the packages, and 2)
potential migration to a merge effort so that each commons component could drop their special
implementation of a feature as soon as the same feature in commonscommons feels OK.

I bet there are some design descisions that would have been better today than when it started
(\"Oh, why didn\'t we let X inherit Y from the beginning?\"). commonscommons (no I don\'t
propose that name) could be the place for such \"second\" tries.


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