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From Ola Berg <>
Subject Collections
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 21:12:25 GMT
I see that the Collections package has pretty much the same classes that I had, and that you
wanted more ideas. What does any of you committers say about:

Filtering collections, that guarantees that only objects that matches an ObjectFilter (sorry,
I mean Predicate) are added?

TypeFilter(Predicate), that only evaluates to true if the object is of a certain type.

(Consequently) Typed collections, that guarantees that only objects of a certain type is stored?

ReadAheadIterator - you know what I mean

Mixing Iterator - that mixes two or more Iterators either by joining them or shuffling them

Converting iterators (or is it Transformers to you?)

Listenable collections that throws update events to listeners.

ObjectStream (an iterator with a different contract, no more objects means null, which means
that you don\'t have to evaluate until it is needed)

I have them (and a few more) in my own, old and lousy nu.viggo.* set of packages, they could
easily be rewritten and added to yours. (well, not the Event throwing ones, they exist at
the moment only in my head).

Should I provide any, all or none? I am in your hands, dear committers, just say a word and
I\'m all yours.


0733 - 99 99 17

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