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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] BETWIXT A lot of fixes...
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 21:58:22 GMT

On Tuesday, June 11, 2002, at 10:41 PM, Martin van den Bemt wrote:

> Ho Robert,
> Do we have a todo list somewhere before we can release ?

i was a bit confused by what you meant by the to do list in your last 

there is a to do list which is generated by maven. is this what you meant?

the two main items on this are a DOM walker and a SAW writer both of which 
are fairly major tasks. i was hoping to dissuade you from taking on either 
of these just yet.

the other item is the documentation task which i transfered from the 
package documentation.

> I won't mind making testcases (did a few already), but one thing I don't
> get at all is the .betwixt files (they just don't like me or something).
> When looking at the documentation it screams for more explenation (don't
> know how well the files are covered by tests btw).

the documentation does need improving. that's where i'm going to be 
concentrating my effects. (or am i getting confused again - are you 
referring to the documentation for the test cases?)

> If you have any specific wishes for tests, let me know.. (especially
> when it makes the release date closer).

most of the test cases are not really of good quality. they should 
probably be rewritten to use xml-unit or something. on reflection i don't 
think that there's time for much improvement before the release.

- robert

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