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From Juozas Baliuka <>
Subject RE: JEX wants to play in the sandbox
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 07:25:41 GMT

I going to use this idea to implement in memory query  for persistent objects
and may be for JDO QL.

At 14:38 2002.06.12 +0000, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
>I have had a simiilar idea of using a prefix such as xpath:. I need to add
>functionality similar to this to the Joda project to access data (as with
>BeanUtils), so I am interested in using this if the API is suitable ;-)
>---------  Original message --------
>From: Dmitri Plotnikov <>
>To: Jakarta Commons Developers List <>
>Subject: JEX wants to play in the sandbox
>Date: 06-12-02 12:50
> > Folk,
>I need your opinion on something.
>Check out JEX:
>It is a set of APIs that unifies the use of expression languages.  Out of
>the box it is integrated with the expression language used in BeanUtils (I
>gave it a nickname Bexl), with Javascript and JXPath.  It will also soon be
>integrated with Jexl.  Other possible candidates are Jaxen, SPEL and JPath.
>The idea is that when you need to evaluate an expression, you provide the
>name of the language as a prefix, sort of like in the html event handlers:
>&quot;javascript:2+2&quot;, &quot;jxpath:/foo/bar&quot;.  You can also
>a default language
>that is used in the absence of a prefix.
>Check out the APIs and let me know if you believe there is room for JEX in
>the sandbox.  I'll be happy to contribute and maintain it.
>- Dmitri Plotnikov
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