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From John Keyes <>
Subject Re: [CLI] -D a special case?
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 14:10:53 GMT
> Me, personally, if I have a program that takes a
> 	-Dfoo=bar
> I still want getOptionValue( 'D' ) to return the single string
> "foo=bar" for me to munge how I see fit.
I think we were just getting our wires crossed ;)  What I meant
is that with the GnuParser if I a program takes -Dfoo=bar on the
command line, then the actual option is '-Dfoo=bar' and its value
is not set i.e. the string is not burst as string options are 
allowed.  So to handle this type of argument using the GnuParser
requires some work (and documentation).  The PosixParser remains
untouched (and is also the default parser).  So when the work
is finished on GnuParser, the call getOptionValue( "d" ) will
return "foo=bar" for it also.

I think the more I type, the more I confuse people (its a gift
of mine).  I'll just code it and then it can be reviewed
(or removed ;) later.

-John K

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