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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: [PATCH[ [BETWIXT] various..
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 18:20:04 GMT
Hmm this brings up another question..
Should the betwixt website show the latest release data (tests, etc), or
is a daily update also an option. (actually I like to have a reference
to the release package, when there of course, with all the data of the
release, including the project data) and a page showing the latest
development efforts + test on a nightly bases.
What is your thought about that ? 


On Fri, 2002-06-14 at 20:05, Jon Scott Stevens wrote:
> on 6/13/02 10:11 PM, "" <> wrote:
> > I'm just saying we should use a snapshot build (as we do in maven of
> > jelly). Not using a later maven because it hasn't released seems silly. If
> > we applied the same scenario to maven, we'd have to stop development - no
> > jelly, jexl, werkz etc.
> Maven works as is against the current b4 release of Maven. If you want to
> use a new feature in CVS head of Maven, then wait for the next release of
> Maven.
> The *same* thing has been decided for Ant usage in projects as well. I don't
> know of a single project in Jakarta that relies on the CVS head release of
> Ant.
> > Maven is in beta - what's a release? a beta release??
> Since there hasn't been a 1.0 yet, yes. Once there is a 1.0, then that will
> become the version that we depend on and we will no longer depend on
> beta's...only final releases.
> -jon
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