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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] BETWIXT A lot of fixes...
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 22:28:22 GMT
Hmm... let's clear the confusion ;)

On Tue, 2002-06-11 at 23:58, robert burrell donkin wrote:
> On Tuesday, June 11, 2002, at 10:41 PM, Martin van den Bemt wrote:
> > Ho Robert,
I meant hi ;)
> >
> >
> > Do we have a todo list somewhere before we can release ?
> i was a bit confused by what you meant by the to do list in your last 
> email.
> there is a to do list which is generated by maven. is this what you meant?

Initially yes.. I thought I am into betwixt right now, so why not help
out more. 

> the two main items on this are a DOM walker and a SAW writer both of which 
> are fairly major tasks. i was hoping to dissuade you from taking on either 
> of these just yet.

Understood that ;)

> the other item is the documentation task which i transfered from the 
> package documentation.
> > I won't mind making testcases (did a few already), but one thing I don't
> > get at all is the .betwixt files (they just don't like me or something).
> > When looking at the documentation it screams for more explenation (don't
> > know how well the files are covered by tests btw).
> the documentation does need improving. that's where i'm going to be 
> concentrating my effects. 

Cool.. documentation is not my best quality (see below ;). 

> (or am i getting confused again - are you 
> referring to the documentation for the test cases?)

Documentation in general, but normally I use my testcases as
documentation (to make it more confusing). 
To document in testcases, I get structure in an otherwise unstructured
blur of words, which just confuses the hell out of people ;)
In my testcases I describe the intended behaviour in the javadoc or
inline and how the intended behaviour is achieved. If the test fails,
something is wrong in my perception of what is intended or there is a
"bug" ;).
This way I also am exploring how stuff works.

> > If you have any specific wishes for tests, let me know.. (especially
> > when it makes the release date closer).
> most of the test cases are not really of good quality. they should 
> probably be rewritten to use xml-unit or something. on reflection i don't 
> think that there's time for much improvement before the release.

I'll look at the tests  for improvements tommorow night (it's geting
late now;)). If I see a "should do this and this", (in eg, then I will try to make it work.
I prefer removing however the dependency of the maven test , since that
test depends on an external jar.  
The missing roundTrip tests are already covered in my schema tests, so
we can probably do with that one.
I will run nounit over betwixt to see what stuff is not covered anywhere
and try to fix it.. 


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