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From Evert Hoff <>
Subject [HttpClient] Pipelining
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 07:02:17 GMT

Is there a specific reason why pipelining hasn't been implemented, other
than not having round tuits? In other words, can anyone think of a
reason why it shouldn't be implemented?

I am referring to pipelining as described in section of the
HTTP/1.1 RFC2616.

At the moment the HttpMultiClient waits until a connection is available
and then the method executes on that connection, doing its reading of
the response immediately after writing its request.

An alternative would be to let it function as it presently does until
all connections are busy, and then to start queuing requests. Then, as
soon as a connection becomes available, it looks in the queue. If there
are queued requests, ALL the requests are written onto the connection,
and thereafter the responses are read in the order in which the requests
were made.

I'll give this further thought if you think this is something we should



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