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From Evert Hoff <>
Subject [HttpClient] New local port with each request
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 14:09:52 GMT

Please explain to me the relationship between local ports and

I have attached a Test program that downloads 4 files from Tomcat twice.
I am using the HttpMultiClient with the default settings, so only two
connections should be used.

But, the output of tcpdump (sniffer.log) shows that 8 different local
ports have been used (3106-3113) - one for each request that was made. I
would have expected just two local ports to be used.

My setup: - Windows 2002; Was running the Test program - Linux; Was running Tomcat

The tcpdump command that I used on the linux machine was:
tcpdump -nli eth0 src host and dst host \
and dst port 8080 | tee /tmp/sniffer.log

I have very little understanding of this technology, so any help would
be appreciated.



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