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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: unmavenising Commons projects
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 06:44:10 GMT
From: "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
> On 6/24/02 4:18 PM, "James Strachan" <> wrote:
> > From: "Henri Yandell" <>
> >> So, will anyone notice if I go and rollback all the projects which have
> >> been mavenised and are not new projects, then supply a parallel
> >> build-maven.xml which is the new version?
> >
> > I wouldn't bother just now; with Maven b5, which is just around the
> > we'll be autogenerating a build.xml which will run perfectly well in
> > Ant for those who want to stick with Ant as well as from inside Gump
> > Then I think Costin's reservations will no longer be issues. The old
> > build*.xml files that contained maven related stuff can then be trashed
> > any callback code or extra targets will move to the new maven.xml file.
> How do people customize their build.xml?

Customizations, like pre/post conditions, new dependencies, new targets or
even redefinitions of exisitng targets are all going to go in the maven.xml
which uses the same syntax as Ant.

Though the maven.xml will actuallly be a Jelly script, so as well as
traditional Ant syntax it can also support Velocity-like (Jexl) expressions
for accessing the Maven Project Object Model (POM), XPath can be used if
need be along with decent expression & looping & file walking support and a
more powerful goal orientated library called Werkz for doing more powerful
per/post action/goal and prerequisite stuff.. It should avoid those hacky
Ant-callbacks that are in Maven b4.


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