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From "Michal Plechawski" <>
Subject Re: [Collections] ComparableComparator - nulls OK
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:17:40 GMT

> > What do you think of
> >     Set predicate(Set set, Predicate predicate)
> > ?  Is that too nondescript?
> Actually, there is another factor involved. The
java.utils.Collections class
> uses the long form, eg.
> Collections.unmodifiableMap(Map);
> Thus I would prefer the long form. We could agree to differ
from Sun
> however, in which case I would submit a patch to the Predicate

IMHO Sun has just one argument for leaving the "Map"-like suffix.
It gives a possiblity of all the following to coexist:

  List unmodifiableList(List l)
  Set unmodifiableSet(Set s)
  Set unmodifiableSet(List l)

However, I do not see this as a strong argument. But mimicring
the Sun's conventions should be a good idea.


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