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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject [Pattern] Sandbox proposal, affects [Collections][Util] [was: Re: Core architecture [was: Commons architecture]]
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 21:34:09 GMT
Please find attached a proposal for a new sandbox component. This impacts
both Collections and Util through refactoring.

Discussions on the architecture of sandbox components have indicated that
collecting together generic patterns such as factory, comparator and
transformation code in one place would be useful. However, no current
sandbox component is willing to take on the role.

Affects on Collections:
The comparator package, Predicate, PredicateUtils (not the collections),
Transform, Closure, SimpleObjectFactory and FactoryUtils classes would be
copied to Pattern. Ideally, the classes will be deprecated for later removal

The principal issue for Collections is that Pattern will be a new component,
untested and in the sandbox. The aim of Pattern must therefore be to proceed
to a stable 1.0 commons release ASAP, and preferably before the next
collections release.

The principal advantages for Collections are that it can focus on
collections rather than on patterns, and that a wider range of Prdeicates,
Transforms, Comparators and Factories will be available because they will
have their own focus.

Affects on Util:
The comparator classes currently in Util would be copied to Pattern.
Ideally, the originals in Util would be removed. This should cause no issues
as Util is a sandbox component.

My understanding is that I can start a sandbox component without a vote or
discussion, but it seemed better to be clear on this occasion ;-)


** Changes dependent on Pattern reaching 1.0 before Collections' next
Predicate, Transform and Closure in Collections extend their replacements in
Pattern and be deprecated in Collections.
The comparators in collections are deprecated.
PredicateUtils, SimpleObjectFactory, FactoryUtils and some Comparators
haven't been released yet, so could be removed.

From: Nicola Ken
> What you propose then are generic patterns, and I would assume that
> Identifiable is part of them, since it's a common concern that crosses
> aspects.
> I think that there is much more value in these than possible problems,
> really *much* more, so you have my +1 for them.
> Which means I will help :-)

Nicola Ken, I've included you as an initial committer.

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