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From "Steven Caswell" <>
Subject RE: Commons architecture
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2002 20:55:22 GMT
I'd like to weigh in as a very interested lurker. I've got bits and
pieces of things laying around from various places, many of which came
from different corners of jakarta that I've taken out and abstracted (or
thought about if I'd had somewhere to put them). The main reason I
haven't tried to submit these back is that there has not been a good
place to put them.

IMO one important consideration is that some of the core classes will
likely depend classes in other core packages. For example, I've found
some good io stuff in Ant that I'd like to pull into that will
probably depend on at least one other class in another area of the core
(o.a.c.system maybe). I'm guessing that this will be easier to do if
there is one subproject as Ola suggests.

Steven Caswell
a.k.a Mungo Knotwise of Michel Delving
"One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them..."

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> Subject: Re: Commons architecture
> To me, two things seems reasonable:
> 1) The low level commons of common components should not be 
> in the same bloated package like util or something 
> (org.apache.commons.everything.* ;-).
> 2) The packages (io, net, lang, base?, util etc) should be 
> managed within the same subproject, in order to gain speed, 
> momentum and synchronization. For that subproject I propose:
> a) name: Commons Core
> b) primary reuse assessor and coordinator (because that is 
> what it is all about): Stephen Colebourne
> How about that?
> /O
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> outside the east coast of Sweden: just me, my wife, our two 
> kids and my laptop :-)
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