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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject [Lang] Low level reflection code
Date Sun, 30 Jun 2002 23:20:45 GMT
Thread to discuss adding low level reflection to Lang.....

> 4) add low level reflection code in reflect subpackage as was discussed a
> few weeks ago. (needs further discussion)

I think this is worthwhile getting in. Another separate topic.

> > 7) Classes clashes badly with the reflection stuff. Either we include
> > reflection or we don't.
> Hopefully we can integrate them. Classes would appear to have a place in
> that it faces java.lang.Class, but maybe there are no real methods to add
> here. There are System.err.println's in Classes which aren't too stunning.
> Do we follow the poor java.lang convention of Class in lang but Method etc
> in lang.reflect? Or just have the Class features in lang.reflect too.

If we are going to include reflection, then I think Classes/ClassUtils
should be in the reflect subpackage. If we are not going to include
reflection then I think the class should not be in Lang, but in wherever the
reflection is.

Someone else has indicated that reflection would be best added once Lang is
in commons, but before a release. I'm happy with that, so long as we can
still move Classes without needing to deprecate.


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