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Subject Re: [Latka] Maven comes, servlets go
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 09:17:29 GMT
Hi Morgan,

the servlets are *now* in src/java. I missed them on the restructure. The 
webapp restructure for maven building is almost done. The intent is to 
separate the servlets from the jar/war and I'll do that tonight, it 
requires a small change to maven to stop them going into the jar, and a 
small property added to include them in the war

I know I've broken the web app build, I'll see if I can resurrect it 
tonight too.

dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

Morgan Delagrange <>
05/07/02 07:13 AM
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        Subject:        [Latka] Maven comes, servlets go

Hi all,

The webapp build is broken.  dion, the Latka webapp
included two servlets necessary for viewing test files
and HTTP responses from test runs.  It looks like you
deleted those servlets and didn't put them somewhere
else when you reorganized the source tree.  Actually,
I'm not quite happy with the reorganized webapp tree. 
It appears that the new format does not allow the
build to place classes directly inside the webapp.  Is
the intent to distribute the servlets inside the Latka

- Morgan 

Morgan Delagrange

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