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From "Q. Werty" <>
Subject [PATCH] DBCP JDBC 3 incompatibility
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 07:42:37 GMT

Sources commited last week don't compile whith JDK 1.4 : new 
methods from JDBC 3.0 are missing (il would be possible to 
encapsulate them in Ant sections with comment, like in others 
files, so that they can compile on JDK 1.4 and 1.3...).
As I'am not a comitter, I let any of the commiters to see 
what's happen (for me, two files only are 
concerned : '' 
and ''. Just lack of new method in JDBC 

By the way, some others questions :
1. what about modifying 'PoolingDataSource' so 
that 'getConnection(user, password)' simply 
return 'getConnection()' (without user/password) instead 
of 'UnsupportedOperationException'. Il would be simplier to 
migrate application from other pools like Tyrex or Poolman with 
this modification because those pools accept getConnection with 
credential (even if they do nothing with it after ...). 
Actaully, this exception required some modification and re-
compilation in some application code that previously uses Tyrex 
or Poolman.

2. I proposed some time ago a extension on DBCP (without core 
DBCP modification) that anabled to configure all Datasources on 
a single properties files. It was also a replacement of JOCL 
configuration file for simple driver acces. Someone asked me 
thoses files to try them but if usefull, it would be better to 
add them in distribution. I Thought of something like a 'plug-
in' or extension to DBCP.

3. some idea of a 1.0 DBCP version

Thanks in advance for all responses

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