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From "Jack, Paul" <>
Subject RE: [collections] - Few more collections for the masses... (impor tant for Struts view objects, maybe other projects)
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 16:57:51 GMT
> 1) What 8 interfaces?... There's only 2 that are valid.

Can't the reserve behavior be applied to:

1.  java.util.Collection
2.  java.util.Set
3.  java.util.SortedSet
4.  java.util.List
5.  java.util.Map
6.  java.util.SortedMap
7.  org.apache.commons.collections.Bag
8.  org.apache.commons.collections.SortedBag

I just like to be complete. :)

> 2) They're currently small and simple. I don't see a need to

And I want them to remain small and simple, but hidden from the public API.
I just want to add one class to the public API, instead of many.

> 3&4) I'll get onto subList, but I don't fully agree that the rest 
> (Iterators) are relevant. For example, you want an Iterator when you 
> want to run over what is there, not what is "expected" to be there, 
> which is what these are for.

So long as the code obeys the contracts of the List and Iterator
interfaces, it's fine.


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