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From "Jack, Paul" <>
Subject RE: Are FastArrayList/FastHashMap broken (unthreadsafe)
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 16:12:24 GMT
> > I have just been looking through the source code to the classes 
> > org.apache.commons.collections.FastHashMap and 
> > org.apache.commons.collections.FastArrayList - these classes seem
> > broken to me because they are designed for use within a multi-threaded 
> > environment but are not threadsafe within the definition of the Java
> > model.

> They're not *totally* broken.  Just not really thread safe in highly 
> optimized runtimes.  

Insofar as Java code is supposed to be cross-platform, the fact that
the code isn't really thread safe in highly optimized runtimes really
does mean it's totally broken.

Furthermore, the code won't work in non-highly optimized runtimes either.
The instructions that clone the internal collection and the instructions
that store the reference to the clone can be done or percieved out-of-order
because of optimizing compilers or processor pipelines.  A thread 
invoking a read operation might raise all sorts of unexpected
because the clone() of a write operation hasn't finished yet.  In theory
this could happen even on single-processor JIT environments (though to be
fair I've only ever tested the code on single-processor 386-based chips,
where everything seems to work just fine).

> ...
> If you don't think the fix for bug 7924 will solve this issue, then file a

> separate bug for it.  

It's a separate issue, and there should be a separate bug.  However, there
is no way to fix the bug:  The Fast collection classes cannot behave
as advertised and be cross-platform, given the current Java Memory Model.


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