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From Ceki Gülcü <>
Subject Re: Resisting the temptation
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 21:09:14 GMT
At 12:17 10.05.2002 -0700, Craig McClanahan wrote:

>For Tomcat 4 specifically (and generically for 2.3-based servlet
>containers), the webapp class loader is allowed to look locally first for
>things before delegating.  Thus, the current implementation in LogFactory
>allows you to put commons-logging.jar and a logging implementation, with a
>default logging configuration, into common/lib -- but still allow a webapp
>to configure its own loggers differently if it wants to (either by
>including a JAR file with the right services entry in WEB-INF/lib, or by
>including a file in WEB-INF/classes).  Per-JSP
>class loaders (if the container uses them) will have the webapp class
>loader as the parent, so these JSP pages will see the same logging

Per Section 9.7.2 (last paragraph) of the spec 2.3. Thanks for the light...
On the other hand, doesn't the current classloading implementation(s) of
Tomcat give precedence to whatever is in common/lib/, common/classes,
or jre/lib/ext/?



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