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From "Amir D. Kolsky" <>
Subject RE: HttpClient development
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 16:52:25 GMT
As a developer new to HttpClient I have to admit to be extremely confused by the package. Several
usage models are concurrently impelemented, virtually no documentation exists as to how to
do what, and worse, it appears that there is no one at the helm to guide this package in a
coherent and architectured manner.

If HttpClient is to succeed, then beyond being bug free (as much as possible), and adhering
to the RFCs, it must present a coherent and well documented interface to the programmers who
are to use it.

If you guys are willing to invest some time in designing the HttpClient NG (as some organizations
like to call their next release), I would be happy to actively participate in it. There must
be, however, someone coordinating this effort -- making sure that design, implementation,
documentation and the test suite are all complete and in sync... Otherwise, frankly, I don't
see a real chance of this package taking off and being used by anyone beyond those actually
developing it, and it will lose big time to HTTPClient.


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