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From Arron Bates <>
Subject Re: [collections] - Few more collections for the masses... (impor tant for Struts view objects, maybe other projects)
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 16:49:09 GMT
1) What 8 interfaces?... There's only 2 that are valid.

2) They're currently small and simple. I don't see a need to over-engineer.

3&4) I'll get onto subList, but I don't fully agree that the rest 
(Iterators) are relevant. For example, you want an Iterator when you 
want to run over what is there, not what is "expected" to be there, 
which is what these are for.

These collections are for when a system has a collection, and expects 
objects to be at various places, they will be provided, or created and 
provided where needed. But an Iterator is just "I want something 
depicting the whole collection".


Jack, Paul wrote:

>>Obviously, list and map implementations respectively...
>Haven't looked in-depth at the code, but a few thoughts already:
>1.  I'd like to see implementations for all eight collection 
>2.  I'd like those implementations to be generated from one class
>that uses static factory methods to construct the Reserve 
>wrappers, as per the Collections.synchronized* methods.
>3.  From the implementation of ReserveList, it doesn't appear
>that sublists inherit the reserve behavior; an index accessed
>via a sublist won't ever invoke the createObject method.
>4.  Similar to #3, but for iterators.
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