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From Charles Burdick <>
Subject Re: [dbcp]: Oracle "too many open cursors error"
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 18:53:07 GMT
I've run into this before as well.  Here's your two options as I see

Option 1:
Don't pool the prepared statements (an option in the JOCL
configuration) and use a bound pool for the connections.
Pros: Only need to change the configuration, not the code.
Cons: Don't get speed enhancement on pooling prepared statements.

Option 2:
Explicitly close the ResultSet and PreparedStatement before returning
the Connection as in the following example.  This must be done in all
code that accesses the database.
Pros: Get all performance benefits from pooling. Longer term solution.
Cons: Need to recompile and redeploy

Connection conn = null;
PreparedStatement stmt = null;
ResultSet rset = null;
try {
   conn = DriverManager.getConnection(/* YOUR POOL SPEC */);
   stmt = conn.prepareStatement(/* YOUR STMT */);

   // Set params to stmt

   rset = stmt.executeQuery();

   // Handle result set
} catch (SQLException e) {
   // handle exception
} finally {
   try { rset.close(); } catch (Throwable t) {} // Clears cursors
   try { stmt.close(); } catch (Throwable t) {} // Returns to pool
   try { conn.close(); } catch (Throwable t) {} // Returns to pool

Hope that helps,

--- Bill Schneider <> wrote:
> (please forgive my last message that got cut off)
> I've been using the dbcp BasicDataSourceFactory with Tomcat, as a
> replacement for Tyrex brokenness.  I ran into some trouble with it
> under
> heavy load: after running it for a while I end up with an Oracle "too
> many
> open cursors error".

> -- Bill

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