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From Rainer Klute <>
Subject Re: HttpClient development
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 07:06:31 GMT wrote:
>One of those things is a user's guide, but
>honestly, that's still pretty low on the priority list right now.  There are
>still bugs and features that need to be addressed.

I suggest the following priority list:

1. Fix blocking and major bugs.

2. Write documentation suitable for new developers and be 
   complete. A good documentation would direct new developers 
   into the right direction and they could become productive 
   without wasting time stumbling into wrong directions and 
   doing inappropriate things. The saved time the can spend 
   for fixing and enhancing httpclient.

   See what I mean? Writing documentation does not prevent a 
   piece of software to become more advanced, but instead it 
   fosters its development.

   As a new developer, I also stumbled over HttpClient, found 
   it not useful for my needs and based my application on 
   HttpConnection. I still do not see what is wrong with this 
   approach, but if there where decent documentation I might 
   know better.

3. Fix normal and minor bugs.

4. Implement new features.

>I'd love to see an 'Examples' page on the HttpClient web site.  I think a
>basic user's guide or introduction document would be great.  I won't get to
>those in the next few weeks, though.

Yes, that would be nice. However, I could not write them, 
because I am not sure whether my examples would be correct with 
respect to the overall design, because the latter is not 

Best regards
Rainer Klute

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