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From "Simon Kitching" <>
Subject RE: digester needs SAXParser.getXMLReader [solved]
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 03:50:32 GMT
Oh Damn, I'm wrong wrong wrong.

Robert, looks like you were right: there *is* an old JAXP implementation
in my path - it's java130/jre/lib/ext/xerces.jar (!)

Much to my surprise:
(a) the command "javap -classpath xxx.jar javax.xml.parsers.SAXParser"
    looks *first* in the java distribution, and if such a class is found
    displays *it*, not the one in xxx.jar :-(
(b) java 1.3.0 from IBM bundles an (old) version of xerces in the
extlibs [or
    some dingus at my end has put additional files inside the java

I'm starting to think the Amish might have a point :-]



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