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From "Michael A. Smith" <>
Subject Re: submitting code to the commons-collections project
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2002 05:59:11 GMT
On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Oded Nissan wrote:
> The classes are:
> :
> This class extends java.util.HashMap and supports binding more than one
> value to a single key in the hashtable.
> If a key exists in the hashtable the value is added to the list of values
> bound to the key.
> You can retrieve a single value or the whole list of values from the
> Multihash class.
> ( I saw that you have a Multihash class, but I think mine provides extended
> functionality, useful for the MultiProperties class)

what additional functionality does it provide?

> This class extends Multihash and uses it to store property values.
> I supports reading properties from a property file where more that one
> property is assigned to a key:
> key=value1,value2,value3
> The values are parsed into a String array and stored in the hashtable.
> This class supports the loading and storing of property files with multiple
> values.

how does this differ from  

> Please let me know if you guys are interested and how we can proceed, since
> I new here.

Simplest way is to post your code somewhere.  Either out on the web where 
we can take a peek, or to the list itself.  


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