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Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Commons-API (was Re: [pool] PROPOSAL: add collecting of statistics to pool implementations)
Date Sun, 28 Apr 2002 14:10:20 GMT
On Sun, 28 Apr 2002, Henri Yandell wrote:

> Given two projects which are duplicating effort, such as Commons/Excalibur
> or all the DBCP-style components, or a project such as mod_webapp/jk where
> the older version is still in development, I think it is important for
> there to be documentation concerning the difference.

I think there is a different way to look at all this duplication.

We are a community-driven organization - a group of people,
many are very smart and with powerfull ( sometimes unsupportable )

This results in a lot of creativity and experiments and frictions
and politics - it's a mixed bag.

Some people believe mod_webapp has a better design and serve their
needs better, while mod_jk sucks. Some other people believe the reverse. 
Same is true for crimson/xerces1, tomcat3/4, turbine/struts, and each pair 
of components that have similar goals - but different community.

That won't make the new component better or 'replace' the old one. 
Pier is a great programmer, and he certainly have great ideas - but 
there are many good programmers who worked and are working on jk, and the 
end result depends only on the community that each component forms.

As long as Pier doesn't like mod_jk ( for whatever reason - he
may be very right ) - having him work on webapp is benefical for
everyone. No management or rule can force him to spend his free 
time on some code he doesn't like - and the code/ideas he puts
in webapp may serve a user base and will also help jk. 

I like jk, and quite few other people do the same. I respect Pier, 
but that doen't mean I agree with his opinions. As long as he
(and other ) are interested, mod_webapp will live along. Maybe
someday we'll merge the code, we certainly merge ideas back and 
forth - maybe not. 

People are more important than code. 


> To be saying to developers/users of the code that these things do the same
> and you should probably just look at the functionalities to see which you
> think is best, read the archives to see which you think is still worked
> on, most stable, has the best direction, is a pretty poor service.
> Jakarta has long maintained two Regexp engines, and when you read the
> documentation there is a part (I'm not sure if both have it) which
> explains why there are two, which is better for which situation, and which
> is still being improved.
> This documentation is difficult to make, who is sitting in the middle
> enough to write a good view, but is sorely needed. When I went looking for
> the latest mod_jk and discovered mod_webapp it was very hard to discern
> what their roles were. I believe because jk had just had a release.
> Hen
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