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From Dmitri Plotnikov <>
Subject [jxpath] New features, bug fixes and documentation
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 03:41:59 GMT
In preparation for its first release, JXPath is undergoing some cleaning.

There is now documentation: a tutorial, which is included with the binary
distribution.  It is in the CVS repository, but not yet accessible via the
Jakarta website - read it at

I have committed several bug fixes and added some new features.

JXPath can now create objects!  You just provide an implementation of the
AbstractFactory interface and call createPath(path, value) on JXPathContext.
It will behave the same way as setValue, except it will call the factory as
needed.  An interesting idea would be to write one of those factories that
would take Struts mapping configuration and create form beans as needed.

Support for diversity object models is now complete with the introduction of
NodePointerFactory.  We can now have modules that support DynaBeans, JDOM
etc.  In fact, I plan to write some of them in the near future. JDOM sounds
like the most interesting alternative to DOM to work with.

There is a minor type conversion change:  JXPath will now cast a
single-element array or collection to its first element.  This feature can
be used for instance with HttpRequest parameters.  How do you know if a
parameter is a singular or a collection?  Now you don't need to - extract it
as a collection, give the collection to JXPath, it will convert the type if

There are two incompatible changes, both having to do with extension
functions.  First of all, the API of Function changed (there is now an
additional argument, ExpressionContext).  Second, the behavior of
ExpressionContext has changed.  It now behaves properly.  I hope these
changes don't break anybody's builds.  If they do, I apologize in advance.

One of the fixes improves an optimization, which up until now was just
there, not actually optimizing anything.

Behavior of getContextNodePointer has been fixed - it used to be destructive
in some cases.

There are many other minor fixes.

JXPath is getting ready for its first official release!

- Dmitri Plotnikov

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