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From Jeff Prickett <>
Subject [Periodicity] - Status of the project after vacation
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 04:21:53 GMT

Hello everyone:
I just want to update everyone on the status of periodicity. 

Bottom line is it looks good for a release of 0.0.1 near the end of March. 
The release will be targeting developers mostly as we wont be very far 
along the development curve.

The code currently saves the Event object to a MySQL database, the 
security subsystem has not been completed but it is partially there, no 
work has been done on the test templates.

Notes about release 0.0.1

1. We will be supporting persistence of a subset of the properties for 
both Events and To Do objects to at least a MySQL database. 

2. We will have a set of test templates so we can view and edit events 
and to do items.

3. We will have a simple security system designed to protect mostly from 
accidental access of someone else's information. The security sub system 
will probably be changing dramatically in future releases because security 
is specifically addressed in the Calendar Access Protocol Internet Draft, 
which we will be implementing later.

4. Our goal is to have a simple well documented install process designed 
to get the professional started in less than 10 minutes and the novice up to 
speed in less than 30 minutes.

Notes about design.

1. I have drawn up a preliminary design for RFC 2446 ITIP. Over the next 
few days I will be trying to package up the design by defining UML 
diagrams and interfaces for other programmers to implement. The goal of 
the design is to break the RFC down into smaller more manageable pieces 
that can be worked on in parallel. The iTIP RFC is approximately 60 pages, 
but the design is broken down in such a way that each java class file 
corresponds to apporoximately five pages or less in the specification. We 
hope that by breaking down the work into smaller pieces we will be able to 
get more people involved in the process. I would like to invite the senior 
level people on the list to comment on the design

2. I have begun the design process on the Calendar Access Protocol 
Internet Draft and hope to have it completed by the end of the week and 
packaged up by next Wednesday.

Notes about future releases...

Internationalization is going to be a big issue. About half if not more of 
the people who have expressed interest in Periodicity reside outside the 
United States. We want to include localization and time zone information 
for as much of the world as possible. At this point though it is probably 
enough just to have some spirited discussions on the issue :)


I have not forgot about the Research of Leysia Palen and have skimmed 
through it. It is the next big document that I am going to try to read.

I think that is about it for now. Back to coding...

Jeff Prickett

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