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From Marc Saegesser <>
Subject [httpclient] Constructing Cookies with null domains (again)
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 23:58:53 GMT
There was some discussion last month about the expected results of
constructing a Cookie with a null domain.  I can't find the exact email
where the decision was reached, but I think the concensus was that we should
support a null domain and default to the request host.  There were a couple
test cases added to to excersize constructing a cookie with
a null domain.  These tests are fail currently.

I'd like to revisit this issue and propose that we *don't* support
constructing cookies with a null domain.  In this case the constructor
should throw an IllegalArgumentException.  The reason is that the Cookie
constructor is not in a position to provide any reasonable default value for
domain because it does not have any idea what the request host is.

Marc Saegesser 

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