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From "Waldhoff, Rodney" <>
Subject [Latka] Developer's Guide / Coding Style
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 15:10:29 GMT
At, dion (I
assume) wrote:

> Latka has some unusual coding conventions, which
> I'm trying to capture at the moment using a tool, 
> CheckStyle. Since I'm not quite sure what all the 
> conventions are myself, nothing is really 
> authoratative except the source code

> Onto the conventions... The Sun coding conventions are 
> followed in most places, except for the items that follow

> private and protected member variables begin with 
> an underscore 

That's it.  Sun/K&R-style, except by private/protected member variables
begin with an underscore (to distinguish them from local variables and
method parameters).  I don't think we use public variables often (if at
all), but if we did I think not using the underscore would be appropriate.
> private methods also begin with an underscore

I think I've been known to do this on rare occasions (mainly when there is
some public method and protected/private method with an otherwise identical
signature) but I wouldn't claim it to be "conventional" in any sense of the
word.  I also don't see any examples of that in the Latka code, but I just
did a simple grep so maybe I missed something.

(I'm not trying to dictate the Latka coding conventions here, I'm just
trying to describe the convention that was followed before Latka became

- Rod

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