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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: Db bean issue
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 18:21:25 GMT
Sorry for the self plug, since we are on a topic of bean persistence 
frameworks, you may take a look at Cayenne at It is still in pre-alpha (mostly since 
GUI tools and user guides are still being developed). We based it on 
existing working design (WebObjects).

It works using XML mapping file (hence - GUI tools to help to create 
it). This solves 90% of persistence problems (and actually helps with a 
cleaner database design with normalized tables with fewer DB hacks and 
fewer cases where you would need to use stored procedures. etc.).

I guess combining it with Jakarta frameworks like beanutils will allow 
to use it in an even more transparent fashion with arbitrary beans.

Juozas Baliuka wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried a lot of persitence frameworks, but some of them are not
> transactional, some not "Transparent", some not documented.
> You can test Torque, Castor and ObjectBridge or use JAWS from JBoss
> directly.
> I use ObjectBridge and  simplestore is going to be a good choise.
> ObjectBridge seems is the best of them at this time.
> Hmm, actually I spent some time this week with jetspeed/turbine/torque and,
> well, I kinda felt that I was looking from something that I could 'plug-in'
> vs. a development framework.
> Altho, Turbine wld i guess match my comment of a 'struts for the backend', I
> guess I need to narrow it down more towards a specific bean <-> database
> persistence framework.
> I am checking out tho, the other 2 links that were sent earlier.
> Thanks to all
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> From: John McNally []
> Sent: Mon 3/11/2002 2:59 PM
> To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
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> Subject: Re: Db bean issue
> jakarta-turbine-torque
> john mcnally
> Jason R Lee wrote:
>>Hello anyone who's out there,
>>I have an 'issue' that is rearing its head again and wld like to get
> anyones take on it. It concerns beans & db and the lack (or maybe not) of a
> kinda jakarta proj/framework like struts, but addresses the back end.
>>I know, there's EJB, etc... But, after working on EJB and non-EJB
> projects, I'm not convinved EJB is any more scalable or distributable than a
> good implementation of data aware beans - or something along those lines.
>>I helped design a quite popular, big air travel site that took a non-EJB
> approach and worked well and scaled across 15 Sun boxes without a hitch.
> However, the implementation was a little complex and now that I'm working on
> another project, I'd like to have the same thing at a simpler level.
>>So I guess I'm just kinda saying hi to the Commons proj and trying to see
> if anyone has thought about this issue. Especially since there is no Jakarta
> sub-project or Commons portion addressing this issue.
>>Thanks and hi,
>>- Jason

- Andrei (a.k.a. Andrus) Adamchik
Home of Cayenne - O/R Persistence Framework
email: andrus-jk at objectstyle dot org

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